Michael and Natalie McManus, CNWI

Nose Work Games Workshop and The Big 3

Saturday & Sunday, June 27 & 28, 2020

Check in and set-up 8:15-8:45 each day

Workshops 9:00 am-5:00 pm

Location: Convent, 217 N 68th St, Milwaukee

Registration for The Big 3: limited to 16 Working Teams

Registration for Nose Work Games: limited to 20 Working Teams

Auditor Spots: limited to 5 each day

Saturday, June 27: Nose Work Games

This seminar is about learning how to cope with stress and competition anxiety and turn it into fun and excitement. Each game will focus on different skills or attitudes that you can then apply to everyday searches. Teams should be working Birch, Anise and Clove.

Games will cover some of these topics:

  • Reading your dog
  • Leash handling
  • Speeding your dog up
  • Slowing your dog down
  • Competition pressure
  • Covering search areas
  • Memory

Sunday, June 28: The Big 3

Do you want to enhance your dog’s skills when odors converge?  Do you want to feel confident your dog is on odor and not alerting on a distraction?  Do you want to be able to read your dog on an inaccessible hide and call it quickly? This seminar will help you become better at reading your dog on The Big 3

Dog skills:

- Converging Odor

- Distractions

- Inaccessible hides

Handler skills:

- interpreting multiple odor situations

- reading accessible hides vs. inaccessible hides

- maintaining criteria/foundation while trialing at the higher levels

Michael McManus (Certified in Applied Animal Ethology, Certified Nose Work Instructor) has been working with dogs since 2008, focusing on K9 Nose Work®, Treibball and Herding. His Siberian Husky, Lumi, has done well in Nose Work coming in 1st place in their NW1, 1st place in two of their NW3s, and 2nd place in the 3rd NW3, and earning numerous placements in elements. They have achieved their NW3 Elite title and are now focusing on competitive obedience. Michael was among the first to title dogs not owned by himself in Nose Work. He has titled a Basenji, a Flat Coated Retriever, a Border Collie, a Doberman, a Spanish Water Dog, and a Bloodhound in NACSW sanctioned trials. He is also an NACSW Certifying Official, Camp Instructor and teaches seminars around the country.
Natalie McManus (Certified Nose Work Instructor) grew up with dogs - and other animals - and has been working with them professionally since 2010. She is also Certified Search Designer and Judge for United States Canine Scent Sports, a Judge for AKC Scent Work, and a Judge for PUSH Treibball. She has been active in K9 Nose Work since 2009 and has been teaching classes since 2012. She has titled an Australian Shepherd mix (5th mixed breed dog to achieve an NW1), Pomeranian (1st Pomeranian to achieve an NW1 title), Border Collie (2nd Border Collie to achieve an NW3 title), a Belgian Malinois, and another Border Collie. Natalie is currently working on Elite Champion with her Border Collie and Elite 1 with her Malinois. Natalie is also a K9 Nose Work Camp instructor, and has taught at GA camp, CO camp, and PA camp.

Working Team Dogs:

  • Need to crate quietly, out of sight of their handler in the building
  • No crating in vehicles. This venue has street parking only
  • Bring a cover for your crate
  • Dogs with mild environmental sensitivities are welcome, but dogs should be comfortable being observed
  • Dogs with reactivity issues towards people/strangers could be overly stressed in these workshops so they are not recommended to attend
  • This venue has stairs that may be utilized to access searches
  • Please bring a comfortable chair

Workshop Fee:

Saturday Only Working Spot $195

Sunday Only Working Spot $195

Saturday & Sunday Working Spots $350 (may be a different dog but must be same handler)

Audit Spot Saturday Only $125

Audit Spot Sunday Only $125

Audit Spots Saturday & Sunday $200

NACSW CEU’s Available:

3 CEU’s one day, 6 CEU’s two days


We will supply bottle water, coffee and light snacks. Please bring your own lunch and refreshments for you and your dog. McDonalds, Subway, Giles Custard and a few coffee shops are within a mile of the workshop location. Lunch break will be 1 hour.

All cancellations must be in writing by email to Kathy at Kathy@dogscentstraining.com. No other forms of communication for cancellation will be accepted. A confirmation of cancellation will be emailed to you. Cancellations by noon, central time, on May 25th will receive a refund minus $25 processing fee. Cancellations after noon on May 25th will not be refunded unless there is a wait list and another team can take your spot.

Please contact Kathy at Kathy@dogscentstraining.com or 262-385-6482 with any questions.

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