"Kathy's background in search and rescue may be why she is such a phenomenal instructor or maybe it is her background in teaching. I think it is a combination of the two. Her passion for the sport is obvious and contagious, making class so much fun. Bree has such a positive attitude and she is a "worker" - It makes me happy watching her do what she loves. If you are looking for a bonding experience with your best friend, I suggest trying Nose Work. It is something that any dog can do." ~ Kathy & "Bree" 

"Nose work was my beagle's savior! Debby hurt her back in agility, so she could no longer compete. She is a working beagle who needed something to do. Can you think of anything better for a beagle to do? My border collie, also, loves the challenge. Kathy continues to learn about this sport and has taught us how to succeed, without pressuring our dogs. We love this sport!" ~ Mary, "Debby" & "Party-Boy"

" Kathy Hatch is passionate about teaching and training using positive reinforcement for both ends of the leash while she generously shares her vast knowledge and expertise on Nose Work - scent training. It is a wonderful place to teach and have fun with your dog no matter how old or young, both able and disabled pooches, and friendly and fearful dogs can participate." ~ Jan, "Ricky" & "Lucy"

"Nose Work was the turning point in Sabre’s life. Sabre had many challenges in his life and I worked diligently on modifying his behavior in hopes he could be my partner in the dog sport I love, agility. When it became apparent agility would not be our future, I looked for other venues to ‘play’ in.

When Kathy started Dog Scents Training, I jumped at the chance to introduce Sabre to Nose Work. The change was immediate. Nose Work connected with Sabre in a way that transcended my understanding, it was his passion, his motivation to work through challenges with exuberance and overcome irrational fears that were so much a part of him. Nose Work developed a new level of confidence in Sabre and he loved every aspect of Nose Work. His face would alight with pleasure when approaching an area to search, straining into his harness in anticipation. His expression would be so full of excitement and pride when he would indicate a hide and look at me with eyes aglow.

Nose Work was a blessing for him, for me, for our relationship. It built his confidence, focused his mental energy, lowered my stress level and brought infinite joy into his life and mine.
My sincere thanks go out to Kathy Hatch and Dog Scents Training. Her patience and encouragement allowed us to celebrate every achievement along the way, no matter how small. Sabre’s life was significantly improved with K9 Nose Work, I only wish I had the ability to start years earlier." ~ Anne H. & "Sabre"

"Kathy is very, very good at what she does. She has a keen eye for reading dogs as they search and her coaching is invaluable. She has a wealth of knowledge to share about every aspect of nose work. I noticed an improvement in our searches after only a few sessions. I always come away from her classes feeling refreshed and motivated." ~ Darlene and "Chloe"

"I started in Nosework to teach my young, agility dog when to “sniff” and when not to. Kathy had a daytime class that worked in my schedule and came highly recommended. Not only is my young guy sniffing less and less on the agility course, he is addicted to using his nose when he should! We are both hooked and Kathy got us that way. Kathy uses methods that are educational, enjoyable and set the dogs up for success. I work with fearful dogs and am impressed how nose work builds confidence. I’m adding some of these exercises for my clients as well." ~ Jean and "Theo"

"Taking Kathy's Nose Work classes has been a wonderful experience for my reactive boy, Oscar, and me. I have seen his confidence grow as a direct effect of these classes and it's fun to watch him tap into his natural scenting abilities!  Kathy has a keen understanding of learning theory and is a supportive teacher for both the dogs and people in class.  Her passion for the sport is clearly evident as she regularly attends continuing education workshops, seminars and camps and shares her knowledge during her class instruction."  
~ Laura and "Oscar"

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