K9 Nose Work® is a new dog sport modeled after professional scent detection dogs that is different than the sport of tracking. This sport builds on the dogs’ natural ability to hunt and detect scent, and determine its location. Through training, the dogs will learn to find 3 specific scents hidden in the environment, including indoors, outdoors and on vehicles!

To learn more please visit http://www.k9nosework.com/.

Unlike other dog sports, K9 Nose Work® can be performed by any dog regardless of breed, temperament, or age.  It is a wonderful game for dogs recovering from medical issues and dogs in their Golden years, still wanting to participate in a low impact highly enjoyable activity. Active dogs and retired sports competitors can also enjoy the mentally stimulating aspect of scent work. Reactive dogs can comfortably learn this sport due to the fun, controlled environment.

This sport is a great way to keep your dogs active through the cold winters and can be done in your home. K9 Nose Work® can be played at home for those not wishing to compete and it can be taken to a high level of expertise for those who welcome competition. 

What types of rewards are suggested? 
High value food rewards work best. The stinkier the better. Rewards that have been used are: hot dogs, cheese, tuna, salmon, sardines, meatballs, and sausages. Bring a variety of treats, in case the dog won't work for the treat you brought. If your dog would rather run past food for a special toy or tug, bring that and we can determine if a toy or food treat will be the highest reinforcement for your dog.

What do I need for class?
An appropriately sized crate (all dogs are confined unless actively working), a treat bag or pouch, LOTS of treats (2 cups worth!), water and bowl for the dog and poop bags, please! 
Dogs may still be in the process of learning crate training, 
but they need a safe place to rest in between runs.

What kind of harnesses, collars and leashes may be used in class? 
All dogs should wear a flat buckle, quick snap collar, martingale collar, or tracking harness. Leashes should be leather or nylon and 6 feet in length. Dogs may enter and exit class in a head halter or no-pull harness, but cannot train K9 Nose Work® with these on.

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"Kathy's background in search and rescue may be why she is such a phenomenal instructor or maybe it is her background in teaching. I think it is a combination of the two. Her passion for the sport is obvious and contagious, making class so much fun. Bree has such a positive attitude and she is a "worker" - It makes me happy watching her do what she loves. If you are looking for a bonding experience with your best friend, I suggest trying Nose Work. It is something that any dog can do.

~ Terry & "Bree"

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